I made MVP this year

It’s official – I’m a Microsoft SDK MVP!

This is a pretty cool experience, and I’m really looking forward to expanding my knowledge with the resources that being an MVP makes available to you.

Besides the blog, you can often find me on the Microsoft public newsgroups (e.g. microsoft.public.development.device.drivers) and the OSR mailinglists (e.g. NTDEV), where I’m a frequent poster.

5 Responses to “I made MVP this year”

  1. Hello Skywing. Finally I know who you are :) (from *.kernle NG) Glad to hear that you got MVP award, keep fighting.


  2. Skywing says:


    Yeah, since I got MVP, I figured that I might as start posting things with my name instead of just the alias.

  3. Stefan Kuhr says:

    Congratulations! You have definitely deserved to be an MVP for all of your insightful comments in the kernel newsgroup. Just added this blog to my bookmark list :-)

  4. lagspike says:

    link is broken! :(

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