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Handy debugger tricks: Setting osloader options on a per-boot basis

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself wishing that you could edit the boot options for a particular Windows instance just for a single boot (perhaps to enable debugging with non-default parameters, above and beyond what the F8 menus allows).

While the F8 boot menu has a lot of options, it’s sometimes the case that you need greater flexibility than what it provides (say, to try and enable USB2 debugging on the fly for a single boot — perhaps you need to use the debugger to rescue a system that won’t boot after a change you’ve made, for instance).

It turns out that there’s actually a (perhaps little-known) way to do this starting with Windows Vista and later; at boot time (whenever you could enter the F8 menu), you can strike F10 and find yourself at a prompt that allows you to directly edit the osloader options for the current boot. (Remember that the settings you enter here aren’t persisted across reboots.)

From here, can enable debugging or change any other osloader setting which you could permanently configure through bcdedit (but only for this boot). This capability is especially helpful if you need to debug setup with non-standard debugger connection setting, which otherwise presents a painful problem.

Remember that osloader options are the old-style options that you used to set in boot.ini (the debugger documentation and MSDN outline these). Don’t use the new-style bcdedit names, as those are only recognized by bcdedit; internally, the options passed on the osloader command line continue to be their old forms (i.e. /DEBUG /DEBUGPORT=1394 /CHANNEL=0).