The Windows Vista SDK is RTM

The release version of the Windows Vista SDK has been released to the world.

You can download it for free from Microsoft in the full installer image or web installer formats.

The full installer image is almost 1.2GB, so be prepared to have a large chunk of hard drive space to burn on the new SDK.

2 Responses to “The Windows Vista SDK is RTM”

  1. Bugcheck says:

    If you were a WDK beta subscriber via, the WDK RTM (build 6000) is also available for download. I assume its also online in the MSDN downloads as well.

  2. Alex Ionescu says:

    Bugcheck: I did a diff between 5840 (pre-RTM) and 5308, the previous build, and I noticed they removed the developers names from every header (which sucks, I used to (ab)use that information to ask them questions sometimes… was it added back in 6000? I’m guessing they might be using the new tags that I saw previously.