Unordered list items broken on the blog in IE7

Taking a little segway from the usual topics on the blog, today I got around to installing IE7 for the first time. Unfortunately, it seems that I have run into my first site compatibility issue that I really care about: a problem with WordPress.

For some reason, unordered list items appear to be not showing up as bulleted items on the blog when you are using IE7. The list items are still indented, but they don’t have a bullet prefixing them (just whitespace). I haven’t yet spent much time debugging this issue, which is for now just a minor annoyance. It doesn’t seem to be specific to my blog, as IE7 is having this problem for me with other WordPress blogs.

For example, when using IE7, these list items do not have bullet prefixes presently:

  • test list item 1
  • test list item 2

Anyone have a workaround or fix for this particular annoyance? Comment away if so…

3 Responses to “Unordered list items broken on the blog in IE7”

  1. nksingh says:

    I’m running IE7 on vista 5744 and I see the small double-arrow bullets just fine.

  2. nksingh says:

    sorry… scratch that… it doesn’t work.

  3. Tony says:

    I’m not sure if this is related, but I found a similar IE7 bug with ordered lists:

    Do you have the width set on your lists? That might be the problem.