Upcoming topics & suggestions

For next week, I’ve got a series planned that describes some of the things you’ll run into if you are debugging programs on x64 Windows for the next time.  After that, I have something planned that will talk about how the various remote debugging options for WinDbg work (and when you want to use which ones).

 Are there any other topics that you’d like me to cover in particular?  (Post a comment and let me know!)

4 Responses to “Upcoming topics & suggestions”

  1. Marc Sherman says:

    Hi Ken,

    I don’t have any suggestions yet but I just found this site today and look forward to reading the articles. Thanks for this site and for your informative postings on microsoft.public.windbg.


  2. Skywing says:

    You’re welcome! I’ll try to keep the posts interesting, at least :)

  3. Zorm says:

    Nice, congrats on becoming a MVP. I can’t say I have an topic suggestions yet but I’m sure I’ll think of something at some point!

  4. Marc Sherman says:

    Hi Ken,

    How about writing about all the things the ‘dt’ command can do (using both masm and C++ syntax). I know it’s a powerful command but it’s such a tough nut to crack that I only use about 10% of it.