New WinDbg ( released

It’s finally here – WinDbg

I haven’t gotten around to trying out all of the new goodies yet, but there are some nice additions. For one, .fnent now decodes unwind information in a more meaningful way on x64 (although it still doesn’t understand C scope table entries, making it less useful than SDbgExt’s !fnseh if that is what you were interested in.

Looks like they’ve finally gotten around to signing WinDbg.exe too (though, curiously, not the .msi the installer extracts), so the elevation prompts for WinDbg are now of the more friendlier sort instead of the “this program will destroy your computer” sort.

There is also reportedly source server support for CVS included; I imagine that I’ll be taking a stab at that again now that it is supposedly fully baked now.

In other news, the blog (and DNS) will be moving to a more ideal hosting location (read: not my apartment) as early as this weekend (if all goes according to plan, that is). It’ll be moving to a yummy new quad core Xeon box (with a real connection), a nice step up from the original hardware that it has been running on until a short while ago (good riddance). Crossing my fingers, but hopefully the random unavailability been hardware dying on me and Road Runner sucking should be going away Real Soon Now(tm).

3 Responses to “New WinDbg ( released”

  1. I still have problems dragging around windows in WinDbg on Vista. It sort of lags and is really annoying. If I set a window to “Always floating”, it works fine, but if it’s allowed to dock the window dragging is just laggy and slow. It’s kind of weird..

  2. Skywing says:

    I don’t know anyone who actually *likes* the hybrid docking/floating UI. Personally, I just try to get all the windows in a tolerable position and then refrain from messing with it.

    As far as dragging the WinDbg “floating” windows around, though, that’s slow (and with ugly flicker) for me too.

  3. Baski says:

    Would you please let me know from where I shall freely down load WINDBG. Expecting Your reply in subject: “WinDbg.exe availability”. Thnaking You.