Upcoming topics…

Some of the things I’m planning on covering some time soon are:

  • Finish off the Win32 calling conventions series.
  • Continue the series about how the object namespace intersects with the Win32 API a bit further (Terminal Server session isolation, logon session isolation for mapped drives, etc).
  • Describe some of the common optimizer tricks that you might see when reverse engineering something (x86 assembler). For example, multiplication tricks with lea and that sort of thing.
  • Overview of how to use kernrate (the Microsoft profiler utility) to track down processor usage / performance problems.
  • Care and feeding of inline assembler on x86 (when to use it and when not to use it).
  • SEH on x86 (maybe)
  • A basic discussion on kernel debugging at some point in time…

I’m also working on organizing some of the post series into an easily accessible directory for quicker reference (note that some of the links in the Post Directory may not yet be active).

Let me know if there are any other topics that you might be interested in hearing about and I’ll see about posting about them at some point.

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