You know that security is becoming mainstream when it shows up in comics…

I recently saw a link to a rather amusing XKCD comic strip in one of the SILC channels that I frequent. I don’t usually forward these sorts of things along, but this one seemed unique enough to warrant it:

Exploits of a Mom

Hey, nobody said that security can’t have a little humor injected into it from time to time.

SQL injection attacks continue to be one of the most common attack vectors for web-based applications. I recently saw someone just search through random links found via Google that were to dynamically generated pages which took some sort of database identifier on their query string. The idea was to change the URLs found to have “dangerous” characters in their query parameters, and then see who died with a database error. The number of sites running code that didn’t escape obvious database queries in Q4 2007 was quite depressing, as I recall.

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