“These aren’t the network connections you’re looking for”

It seems that among other things, my Srv08 Beta 3 box seems to be practicing its Jedi mind tricks whenever I try to reconnect a broken RDP session to it:

These aren't the network connections you're looking for

I guess it really doesn’t want me to be able to get back on after a connectivity interruption. I certainly hope this bug doesn’t make it out to RTM, as seamless RDP session reconnects are one of my favorite RDP features.

After all, a user shouldn’t really have to think about it when they switch between network connections, in my opinion. Programs should really be designed to more seamlessly resume across minor connectivity hiccups than is commonplace nowadays, especially with mobile Internet connectivity becoming mainstream. I kind of like this over conventional SSH/screen, in that at least for RDP, session reconnect doesn’t require any user interaction. I suppose with an autoreconnecting SSH client and some scriptable commands to run screen immediately on connecting one could hack up a similar end user experience, though I doubt it would be as seamless. One thing that SSH/screen have on RDP is better shadowing support, allowing for more than one session to shadow a particular target session at the same time in particular.

There are still some flaws with RDP session reconnect in general (especially relating to the fact that window Z order tends to get something akin to randomized when you reconnect, and sometimes windows mysteriously get shrunk to the minimum size requiring manual resizing to fix), but it’s mostly reliable in my experience (discounting this Srv08 weirdness, that is).

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